演讲嘉宾-Xinliang Feng

Xinliang Feng

  Xinliang Feng,德国德累斯顿工业大学首席教授、在德国获得化学学科终身教职的华人第一人。2011年受聘于上海交通大学,现任上海交通大学化学化工学院教授。因在石墨烯研究领域的突出贡献,德国德累斯顿工业大学讲席教授、上海交通大学特聘教授Xinliang Feng与德国科学家克劳斯·米伦共获德国2017年度汉堡科学奖。此外,Xinliang Feng教授还入选2017年度“长江学者奖励计划”名单。
  Xinliang Feng教授还担任《Advanced Materials》顾问委员会委员、德国巴斯夫创新碳材料研究中心高级研究顾问、欧盟“石墨烯旗舰”计划能源大项主要负责人、《Scientific Reports》编委。截至2017年,发表学术论文160篇,其中Nature, Nat. Mater.,Nat. Commun.,Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Nano Letters, J. Am. Chem. Soc, Adv. Mater., Chem. Soc. Rev., Acc. Chem. Res等国际顶尖化学和材料学术杂志 (影响因子>10)上发表学术论文近80篇。近年来除承担马普协会每年固定科研项目,目前还主持或承担欧盟、德国以及企业界十多项重要研究课题,总数额达1000万欧元以上。
  Xinliang Feng教授研究方向主要有二维大分子和超分子、宏量制备高质量二维石墨烯材料研究、基于石墨烯的二维纳米能源材料和电子器件研究、基于石墨烯电极材料在太阳能电池和场效应晶体管器件的应用研究、可控纳米结构功能碳材料、有机/无机杂化材料的设计合成及其在能源储存和转化的应用研究。
  基于Xinliang Feng教授在石墨烯领域所做出的杰出贡献,2018中国国际石墨烯创新大会组委会特邀请他大会报告,与大家分享他与石墨烯之间的故事。Xinliang Feng教授也希望借助大会的平台,能够与更多的国内外机构展开积极的交流与合作,为中国乃至全球的石墨烯产业发展贡献力量。

演讲题目:Organic 2D Materials: Grand Challenges and Opportunities

In the past decade, as inspired by the discovery of graphene, two-dimensional (2D) materials which possess a periodic network structure and with a topographical thickness of atomic/molecular level, have emerged as the new paradigm of materials with enormous potentials, ranging from electronics and optoelectronics to energy technology, membrane, sensing and biomedical applications. Various fabrication strategies have been developed to attain high quality 2D materials. Among of them, mechanical exfoliation remains the most popular protocol to isolate single-layer high quality 2D materials for fundamental physical studies.  In contrast to the tremendous exploration of graphene and inorganic 2D materials such as metal dichalcogenides, boron nitride, black phosphorus, metal oxides and nitrides, the study on 2D soft material systems including the bottom-up organic synthesis of graphene, 2D metal-organic frameworks, 2D polymers/supramolecular polymers as well as supramolecular approach to 2D organic nanostructures remains under development.  
In this lecture, we will present our recent efforts on the bottom-up synthetic approaches towards novel organic 2D materials with structural control at the atomic/molecular-level or at the meso-scale. First, we will present the solution synthesis of 2D sp2-carbon based conjugated polymer frameworks as the new generation conjugated covalent-organic frameworks. Second, we will introduce the latest development on the synthetic 2D conjugated polymers including 2D Schiff-base type covalent polymers and 2D metal-dithienene/diamine coordination supramolecular polymers at the air-water or liquid-liquid interfaces. The resulting 2D conjugated polymers exhibit single- to multi-layer feature, good local structural ordering and with a large size. The functional exploration of such 2D conjugated (coordination) polymers for the electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties, as well as serving as efficient electrocatalytic water splitting catalysts will be demonstrated. Third, we will introduce the self-assembly of a host-guest enhanced donor-acceptor interaction, consisting of a tris(methoxynaphthyl)-substituted truxene spacer, and a naphthalene diimide substituted with N-methyl viologenyl moieties as donor and acceptor monomers, respectively, in combination with cucurbit[8]uril as host monomer toward monolayers of an unprecedented 2D supramolecular polymers at liquid-liquid interface. Finally, we will present the supramolecular approaches to synergistically control the multi-component assembly, which results into 2D conducting polymers, such as polypyrrole and polyaniline nanosheets featuring 2D structures and with adjustable mesopores with/without on various functional free-standing surfaces. The unique structure with adjustable pore sizes (5–20 nm) and thickness (35–45 nm), enlarged specific surface area as well as high electrical conductivity make 2D conducting polymers promising for a number of applications. The future perspective and outlook regarding the goal towards highly crystalline organic 2D materials will be also provided.




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